With Liberty and Justice for All

I had frequently visited Milwaukee when I was in High School .  I never missed Summerfest and loved road trippin to see my favorite bands (omg how I loved that emo rock) at the rave and other not so well known venues.  Unfortunately, I had never spent more than a couple days at a time in MKE. So, my first order of business was to decide where in this city I wanted to put down my roots.  I began my quest to uncover and take for face value all stereotypes of Milwaukee neighborhoods and subsequently pick my new residence based on the shallow opinions of others.  After talking to a few friends who had either grown up in Milwaukee or lived there for a while I determined…..

Bayview is PBR drinkin hipster central

Riverwest is a place not to go at night

Shoreword is nice but also referred to as the ghetto of Whitefish Bay

The Third Ward is hip but expensive

Walkers Point is where you go to get kick ass Mexican food/dance at a gay bar

Downtown is dirty

The Eastside is eclectic

Although I didn’t base the location of my new residence solely on this information, I did take it into consideration. While the labels that are slapped on the many neighborhoods of a single city can sometimes provide a semi-accurate snippet of information, they usually don’t do the neighborhood justice. With this blog I want to try and do the hoods of Milwaukee justice. Who settled them and when? What do they offer the community? Where’s the best place to eat/grab a brew?  I want you to follow me as I investigate my new environment; be my shadow so to speak as I explore Milwaukee, Captain Cook style.


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