Honeypie, you are makin me crazy

In Bay View, Kinnickinnic Avenue or “KK,” is one of the main arteries that runs through the neighborhood.  The street is littered with bars, restaurants, music shops and independent clothing stores; but, hidden amongst the flashy window displays and a residential building is Honeypie. A sister to the iconic Comet of the Eastside, Honeypie Bakery and Cafe offers delicious “Mid-Western inspired food from scratch.”

You should probably eat here as soon as possible.

You should probably eat here as soon as possible.

I went here with a few friends, one of whom is vegetarian.  With veggie friendly menu options popping up almost everywhere these days, it usually isn’t hard for a vegetarian, like my friend Megan, to find a thing or two that she can eat when we go out but WOW, Honeypie offers SO many choices for non-meat eaters. Almost every sandwich can be made with tempeh, soy or a veggie patty instead of meat. While I, a carnivore, thought my friends tempeh “Pork”slaw sandwich was divine, it was no match for my Solid State Sandwich which was a scrumptious mix of turkey, ham and bacon caramelized onions and Swiss cheese between 2 slices of egg battered brioche, which tasted a lot like savory French toast. My other dinning companion ordered the curried chicken salad sandwich, which was a beautiful bright yellow mixture of chicken, veggies and cranberries. While we all opted for a salad as our side choice, Honeypie gives you the option to “go for the gold” and sub a piece of pie as a side for an extra 2 bucks; oh how typically Wisconsin.

Now, like Comet, which I will tell you all about in good time, Honeypie has a kick ass Bloody Mary. I am a truly devoted Bloody fan, and plan on finding the best in Milwaukee as I explore the neighborhoods of the city. The spicy tomato potion comes with the usual veggie garnishes but also a slice of homemade sausage and a cheese cube on a skewer. And the chaser? Well, it’s a 7 oz baby bottle of Miller Hi-Life not unlike the 8 oz longnecks my Dad served up when he was a bartender in the 60’s.  Other things worth noting include the quaint garden patio/terrace behind the restaurant and the out of this world cupcakes an pies.

mmmm SUGAR!

mmmm SUGAR!

All in all, Honeypie is a unique place to grab yummy affordable bite that may, if it’s possible, be even BETTER than what your grandma used to make. I’d write more but after all this talk of food, I really need to go raid the fridge!


2643 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207


Atmosphere: Casual/Diner

Price: 5-15 bucks

Serving: Brunch (Sat/Sun), Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Desert


3 responses to “Honeypie, you are makin me crazy

  1. The cupcakes here and at Comet are delicious, and I looooove cupcakes.

  2. I’ve heard many a good thing about Comet (although have yet to eat there myself), and reading this post about their sister restaurant, Honeypie, made me want to eat at both of them … immediately!

    Your description of the atmosphere, place, and food makes a reader, such as myself, really believe you! I can’t wait to go see (and taste!) Honeypie for myself.

    And yes, Whitney — the cupcake looks divine! The picture is what drew me in to this post in particular, because I love finding great new places to get a yummy bakery item!

  3. Reading this post made me hungry, and I am definitely going to check out Honeypie now. I Googled them and bookmarked their menu for future reference!

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