Humboldt Park

Bay View’s green area runs along Oklahoma Ave and is hopping all year round.   My first visit to the park was supposed to be on one of the last Tuesdays of August to take in “Chill on the Hill,” one of Milwaukee’s many summer outdoor concert series. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate so my friends and I ate our picnic dinner on the living room rug and listened to 88.9 instead.  “Chill on the Hill” runs from the middle of June to the beginning of September.  According to some, “Chill on the Hill”  is superior to its downtown cousin “Jazz in the Park” mainly because the “Chill” still allows alcoholic carry-ins.    I  used to frequent Concerts on the Square in Madison and love taking in some tunes while chillin on a blanket, bare feet and glass of wine included. Humboldt Park also hosts a lot of Bay View’s summer festivals including fireworks every forth of July and the Global Union world music festival.

Not quite as "hilly" as I imagined

Not quite as "hilly" as I imagined

As the weather turns colder, Humboldt Park still offers a plethora of activities for the residence of Bay View.  During the Trick or Treating weekend, the park presents the “Pumpkin Pavilion” Halloween display, which includes live music and activities for the kiddies. Once the first snow covers the hilly terrain of the park, it transforms into a sledder’s delight. The park has hills for every skill level and is open till 8 pm, which is prefect for those older sledders who want to avoid running over those bumpy moguls/children. The park also has a small pond for ice fishing and skating  so you can practice that triple sow-cow you’ve yet to master.


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  1. Your blogtheme is visually appealing. It has style while streamlining things. I like that you’re making your way around Milwaukee, not just checking things out, but REALLY looking at our fair city. It’s an interesting topic.

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