Sugar Maple sans Syrup

If you want” beer made by humans, not robots,” then Sugar Maple on E Lincoln Ave (right off KK) is the place for you.  This sleek bar opened up in Bay View less than 2 yrs ago, but it hasn’t taken long for its reputation as THE PLACE for micro-brews to spread like wildfire throughout the city.  As their slogan suggests, Sugar Maple focuses on everything but “mainstream” beers. Don’t try and order a Miller Lite or even worse, Bud Light (duh duh duhhhh) because your request will be met with a quizzical stare from the bartender.  With a whopping 60 (give or take a few) beers on tap from over 30 North American breweries, the Maple is the closet Milwaukee has come to beer heaven.

The Pearly (ok golden) Gates to Beer Heaven

The Pearly (ok golden) Gates to Beer Heaven

Sugar Maple has a modern style to it, with ventilation pipes exposed overhead and nothing much but a bit of local art on he walls.  The actual bar at the Maple is HUGE and could probably seat around 2 dozen thirsty folks. If you prefer chillin at a table while you sip your brew, there are plenty of cast iron chairs, benches and coffee tables to gather round.  The people that frequent Sugar Maple as diverse as the beer selection; everyone from the perfectly primped hipster to a 50 something worker who has lived down the sreet for years grace this bar with thier presence.  Sugar Maple is also very unique because it is one of the few completely non-smoking bars in Milwaukee and on most nights you can even find a bit of live music to enjoy.

Pick a Beer, Any Beer.

Pick a Beer, Any Beer.

Now, if you find your mind spinning due to the vast  number of beers on tap, just dive in, odds are you’ll find something that suites your pallete.  Some of the beers that the Maple offers should be recognized by even a novel beer drinker like the Pale Ale from Point Brewery or the Fat Tire Amber from New Belgium. Others are a bit more exoctic (and more delicous if you ask me!)  The IPA’s are plentiful here but my favorites are the Belgians and wheat beers. They even have Magic Hat’s #9 which is just divine.  I was exposed to this nectar of the gods while in Tennesee for a music festival this summer, and havn’t been able to get the slightly peachy taste out of my mind since.

While one of these top end brews will set you back a bit (some are as much as 9 bucks a glass), Sugar Maple really is one of best places in Milwaukee for die hard beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

Sugar Maple

441 E Lincoln Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

(414) 481-2393

Atmosphere: Modern/Casual

Price: 5-10 bucks

Serving: Beer, Liquor and Daily Soup Specials


2 responses to “Sugar Maple sans Syrup

  1. I’ve heard about this place before. I’m kind of excited to go before I graduate and have to leave this place. Of all the bars and restaurants I’ve been to, I’ve never seen so many taps!

    Oh and while there are so many options here, what’s wrong with some Miller Lite? It does the trick in a pinch!

    • I mean I too love miller lite. cause nothing else has quite that tunique great taste while being less filling at the same time. ha

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