Wax on, Wax off

While I would prefer a private lesson from Mr. Miyagi in order to hone my karate skills, I could also go to Bay View.  During one of my drives around BV, I noticed an alarmingly large amount of Martial Arts studios.  Much to my surprise, The Bay View Compass (local newspaper) published an article last week on the same subject.

First up on my martial arts tour is the Bay View Martial Arts Club

Here, students are taught Jeet Kune Do (or Bruce Lee‘s Art) integrated with elements of Universal Systems of Karate. The owner and teacher at the small school, Sensei Sahnya Thom, has been studying/ teaching the art of karate for over 25 years.  She said she started karate after her dad required all his daughters to take self defense courses.  I bet her dad sleeps like a baby now; I know I would never want get in a brawl with a 5th degree black belt. Sensei Thom also revels the fact that her school is private/garage style dojo; she really wants her students to study because they genuinely aspire towards something great, not simply because they want to get a belt.  Mind and body synchronization is especially important, as elements of Buddhism and Taoism are included in classes.

Special Seminar Class

Special Seminar Class

Next up…Milwaukee Aikido Club

Aikido is a Japanese art which, when translated, means  “the Way of harmonious spirit.”  One main difference between aikido and karate is that aikido actually requires very little physical energy; it focuses on not only protecting the defender but also protecting the attacker from injury by redirecting his/her potentially harmful  movements.  These types of movements are used a lot by law enforcement officers, especially with larger offenders when raw force would not be enough to contain them. The Milwaukee Aikido club is a non-profit organization and all instructors are unpaid, but they are all very well trained and thrive on the strong community the club creates.

What a move!

What a move!

And finally...Fit 2 Fight

Kurt Lakatos, who just opened a studio in Bay View last month, teaches Krav Maga, a unique art focusing on self defense.  This diverse hand-to hand combat technique was created in Israel during WWII to protect the Jewish community during a period of high anti-Semitic activity. It is non-traditional and like other martial arts, does not require a uniform. The art functions off a “him or me” mentality. Want to be awesome like  US Special Operations officers or FBI agents, learn Krav Maga ( they all practice variations of the art).

This is mos def is not an exhaustive list of all the Martial arts facilities in Bay View. Others include Bay View Fitness and Futen Dojo.  If your tired of loosing all those bar fights downtown and can’t seem to defend your gals (or guys) honor when a scheeze tries to hit on them, try taking lessons at one of these joints.  Who are you deep down inside: Brody Jenner or Joe Francis.  Be a winner in life, learn how to fight.


3 responses to “Wax on, Wax off

  1. Thanks for posting this information! I’ve been looking a place that teaches karate or just martial arts. Now, I know where I can go and check it off my list!

  2. Niiiiiice blog katie! I have actually been interested in taking a martial arts class, and I think this might actually convince me to check one of these places out. See you at bowling!

  3. You’re putting a lot of work and travel time into your posts. Hopefully you’re at least stopping to get “something to drink” now and then…

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