Hipster Hideouts Chapter 1: Lee’s Luxury Lounge

Around the time the blue collar workers of Bay View finish up their last can of Blatz and head home, a different crowd of drinkers flood into Lee’s Luxury Lounge on KK.  Lee’s has been serving the citizens of Bay View for a while now and the building shows “experience”. I don’t know what this says about me, but my favorite bars, like The Plaza in Madison, all tend to look like a friend’s parent’s basement.  When you walk into Lee’s, the first thing you’ll notice is how huge the place is; the second is the stellar wood paneling (just a shade or two lighter than the stuff that lined the basement walls of my childhood home). The whole bar seems stuck in a time warp with its psychedelic light fixtures and a groovy curved wrap around bar.  The “basement” theme continues towards the back of the bar with foosball tables, dart boards, and pool tables littering the joint.

An above ground basement bar

An above ground basement bar

When my accomplice and I  graced Lee’s with our presence, we had the pleasure of meeting several Milwaukeeans: a middle aged carpenter and a 20 something guy. The only thing tighter than this young gent’s wallet was his pants. Between dodging pick up lines from the carpenter and wondering how our hiptser acquaintance still had circulation in his legs, my friend and I enjoyed a couple of ice cold cans of PBR.  Were it a Wednesday, we could have enjoyed (minus the smoke) “The South Side Special,” which includes a can of PBR, a shot of Jack and a single Marlboro Light; all for 5 dollars.

The Blue Ribbon

It's like a pot-o-gold in a can

This smoky hideout is a great place to meet up with a big group of friends, drink some cheap brews or tinis, eat a basket or two of complimentrary pretzels and spot one or two Bukowksi reciting cool kids. Get there and check it out or be square.

Lee’s Luxury Lounge

2988 S. Kinnickinnic Ave

Bay View, WI  53207

(414) 481-2080

Atmosphere: Retro/Casual

Serving: Drinks, Pretzels and Nostalgia


4 responses to “Hipster Hideouts Chapter 1: Lee’s Luxury Lounge

  1. A PBR, a shot of jack and a cigarette for five bucks- sounds like my kind of place!

  2. I was totally parked out front of this place last night, but didn’t go in. I was across the street at another great bar you should check out, Blackbird. They have a photo booth where you can take Polaroid pictures and always have great music and a decent crowd.

  3. I know I already commented, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m drinking a PBR right now and it’s awesome. I love your blog and your hangout recommendations!

    • Haha, Thanks!! I wish I was drinking a PBR instead of doing hw. Actually, Im gonna pop one open right now( cause I always have a stockpile in my fridge); You inspired me!!

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