And now it’s Time to Say Goodbye…

To wonderful Bay View.  I have spent about a month exploring this wonderful neighborhood and while there is great deal of Bay View I have left untouched, I must now move on to another area of Brew City.

I can’t say I regret my decision not to live in Bay View, but I respect the area a great deal more after going on over a dozen dates and spending some quality time together; the Bungalows and Victorian houses that line the streets are quaint;  the bars and restaurants delicious, trendy and unique; the history rich; and the people warm.  I won’t deny that Bay View is most certainly a habitat that the hipster seems to be quite comfortable in. And it is partially correct to label Bay View as PBR drinkin hipster central; but to be honest, you can find a PBR drinkin hipster in almost every hood of MKE .  Bay View is so much more.

As I move on, I reserve the right to revisit Bay View if the opportunity should arise.  Consider this book open with a great deal of reading yet to be done.


2 responses to “And now it’s Time to Say Goodbye…

  1. Which area of Brew City is next!?

  2. you should do a recap of all the places you visited in bay view — just a thought (mostly since this is my first time visiting your blog).

    Also, Bay View is one of my favorite areas of town although I don’t get down there as often as I would like.

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