When you’re Alone and Life is making you Lonely you can always go…

Downtown.  Downtown is the area of the city I had the most experience with before moving to Milwaukee.  In grade school we would take field trips to the Milwaukee Public Museum (I LOVE  “The Streets of Old Milwaukee”!!).  My Dad took me to my first “real” concert at the Marcus Amphitheater (Weezer and No Doubt, your jealous I know).   And in high school, my friends and I would drive up to The Rave as often as possible to see cute boys play instruments.  While I could easily break up downtown into separate areas, I’m going to approach it all at once. Downtown, while being diverse in and of itself, is distinctly different form the neighborhoods that have formed around the central area of the city, and I want to treat it as a cohesive unit.

Amazingly enough, I have only been Downtown two, maybe three, times since my move (probably cause Bay View was being selfishly taking up all my time) but now I am ready to dig into Downtown.


2 responses to “When you’re Alone and Life is making you Lonely you can always go…

  1. I’m excited to see what your write about. I feel like there are a lot of cool new clubs downtown that I never go out to because I’m either too poor or to busy to check out. Anyway, looking forward to checking back in on what you find.

  2. Aside from the bar scene downtown be sure to check out Discovery World. I went there the other week and it’s awesome!

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