Fred Pabst, My BFF

One chilly, dreary day in October, after abandoning my attempts at homework after realizing I had read the same page three times,  and then becoming thoroughly bored with everything on television, I decided to go on an adventure. “Where will this adventure take me?” I asked myself.  I soon arrived at the conclusion that the majority of my adventure would take place somewhere warm and dry, considering the weather was less than pleasurable. I also knew I wanted my adventure to take me downtown; then, I could report my findings back to you. After a little indoor inquiry  via the internet, I decided to visit The Pabst Mansion.


Isn't he lovely, isn't he wonderful!

Before I tell you about this lame excuse for a house (completely kidding this place is magnificent), I think you need a little background on the man who sponsored its creation. Captain Frederick Pabst was born in Germany in 1836 and crossed the pond with his parents in 1848, settling first in Chicago.  Some years later, Pabst met Phillip Best, who owned a small brewery in Milwaukee. Pabst later married Best’s daughter Maria in 1862, and moved to Milwaukee to begin his life as a family man.

After his ship was beached on the shores of Whitefish Bay during a storm, Fred (as I like to call him, considering we are basically BFF) decided his days on the waters of Lake Michigan were over. He joined his father in law in the brewing biz and eventually became the president of the company in 1873. ( I would just like to say thank you to the storm that beached Fred’s boat in Whitefish Bay, without you, Milwaukee would be THIRSTY!)  As you can imagine, Pabst was pretty successful and put a lot of money into the city of Milwaukee, building the Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort (which is now a subdivision, tear), The New German City Theatre (which was rebuilt as the Pabst Theater after the original building burnt down) and the thirteen story Pabst Building (which was demolished in 1980, double tear).   Fred’s leadership served as a catalyst to jump starting the now successful Pabst Brewing Company.


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