The Stone: Match Tricks and Magic Hat

After downing a delicious dinner made by my friend Megan at her Bay View abode, some friends and I wandered down the street to The Stone bar, just off of KK on Howell Ave. This great, discreet neighborhood joint has everything a Milwaukee drinker could ask for. The jukebox hosts an eclectic selection of tunes to listen too, while you throw a few darts on the cork boards in the back. The beer selection is varied with classic and not so classic brews on tap and in bottles. They also offer trivia, wii bowling, big slices of beef jerky and as many shell on peanuts as you could ever want.

fall 09

An over sized coaster I snagged off a table that now adorns my kitchen wall.

While we were there, the bar was running a promo on Magic Hat Brews, with their intoxicating, apricot laced # 9 not so pale ale on special for 4 dollars a pint.  Some Magic Hat promoters were sitting at the table next to us and we started to chat. We definitely choose our seats well that night; each of us got a t shirt and awesome bottle opener along with some mind exercise. One of the guys also showed us this really great brain teaser that I will now share with you…

Take 12 matches (or toothpicks) and set them up like so.

fall 09 189

Now, while only moving ONE match on only the left side of the equation, (leaving the solution/right side alone) make the equation true. You cannot introduce a variable (such as x) and you cannot add or remove matches.

Did you figure it out?  Don’t worry, I’ll post the answer in a few days!


3 responses to “The Stone: Match Tricks and Magic Hat

  1. dude really, that match trick thing is EASY! but this sounds like a cool, place, might have to check it out.

    • Haha, tell that to me, my 3 friends and my dad who all folded and asked for the answer before figuring it out ourselves!! I guess your just way smarter than I am!! :o)

  2. haha aww, naah.

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