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Two Night Affair with Turner Hall: PEACHES

Imagine a forty something ex elementary school music teacher, crossed with Freddy Mercury, Ziggy Stardust, and Marilyn Manson and you get Merrill Beth Nisker, the Canadian also known as PEACHES. After seeing Peaches perform at The Majestic in Madison last May, I was hooked. Not only is her music like a drug, her live shows will melt your face off.

Lady Gaga (left) and Amanda Blank (right); musically related.

My friend Kevin and I arrived at Turner Hall just in time to grab a beer and claim a nice spot close to the action before the opener Amanda Blank took the stage. This Philly based rapper/singer had great energy and sick beats; she reminded me of a hip hop version of Lady Gaga (before she went all “poker face”).

Blank’s band consisted of a roots inspired drummer and two DJs mixing the tunes. After (w)rapping up a forceful set, Blank prepared the crowd for her mentor, Peaches.

Peaches, on her Harley made out of ballons that rode around the stage.

Peaches’ band, The Sweet Machine, includes a creepily awesome Gwyneth Paltrow look alike on guitar, a hot young shirtless guy on keyboards and a grizzly looking, long haired drummer. They made their entrance wearing suits of black hair, with Peaches close behind looking something like a cross between a Muppet and Elvira. Opening with her song “mud,” Peaches immediately had the audience entranced. It wasn’t long before things started to get crazy.

Looks like shes standing on solid ground....

Peaches asked “Milwaukee, want to be part of something that’s never been done before?”  Of course we said yes. “Ok, well Jesus walked on water, and I’m gonna walk on you.”  What? We all thought..

...But know, we are holding her up with our mighty muscles.

...But no, we are holding her up with our mighty muscles.

But she was serious and began taking steps onto peoples raised hands as she continued to sing in perfect pitch. “If you let me fall, the shows over,” she declared as we all gathered in tight to ensure our idol’s safety.



As the show continued, Peaches shed costume after costume ending up in a flesh colored leotard and a blinged out “peaches” necklace that would make any rapper jealous. Right after she performed her hit “F&*% the Pain away” and before she began the encore, Peaches serenaded us with her own acapella version of the theme song from Laverne and Shirley. Despite being sprayed with champagne and spit on (with fake blood), the crowd’s energy never faltered and neither did Peaches’ amazing stage presence.  With her raunchy lyrics,  crazy costumes, dance beats,  and raw style Peaches puts on a show you should NEVER pass up!

Thanks for the wonderful weekend Turner Hall… I am sure we will see each other again soon…