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Major Goolsby’s

After hearing good things about this downtown institution, and visiting their permanent booth on the Summerfest grounds year after year, a friend and I decided to grab a beer and a bite at Major Goolsby’s and see what all the hype was about.

The place was surprisingly empty for a Saturday night but there weren’t any sporting events across the street (at the Bradley Center) or on tv, which is usually how this bar draws in most of its customers. The place is a sports museum of sorts, with pictures, trophies, jerseys, etc. adorning almost every inch of the walls.

The most accurate bust of Brett Favre I have ever seen!

Don’t worry about going here with someone interesting, cause no mater how dull the conversation gets, you can always keep your self intrigued by simply looking around. The beers are decently priced for a downtown joint and the Bloody Mary I had was pretty darn good; really well seasoned and garnished with a stick of sausage among other goodies. The food here is simple but cheap, and tasty.

Major Goolsby’s, which has been Milwaukee’s number one sports bar (so their website says) for over 30 years, played an Oscar worthy (by my standards anyways) role in Major League; many of the movies bar scenes took place in the Milwaukee establishment. Also, Reggie Jackson got arrested here for refusing to give a fan an autograph (and getting a little rough with him).  Now I ask you Milwaukee, what other noteworthy events occurred at Major Goolsby’s?  I’d really like to know.